• For companies who regularly need large numbers of qualified candidates to fill open assignments, the ability to staff in volume often takes precedence over other aspects of human resource management. This is especially true in high-growth industries such as distribution centers, healthcare, manufacturing, and other trades where there is a demand of skilled workers. Very often, candidates don’t get the personalized treatment they may expect, instead feeling more like a “number” than a human being with individual career needs.

    Fortunately, there are ways to recruit and onboard new employees in volume, without forgetting to acknowledge the individuals that make up a company. Since on boarding is the number one way to create a positive impression for new hires, this part of the process can best be managed by an HR team that uses a custom enterprise workforce management system or WMS.

    A workforce management system, such as the solution offered by Avontis, has the capability of personalizing the experience for candidates and new hires. After creating a roadmap for your organization’s staffing strategy, the WMS determines the skill sets that are needed to help your company grow over time. Then these skills can be incorporated into your job application process, to attract candidates who possess the desired skill and educational levels – all at a high-volume recruiting efficiency.

    Candidates who apply are then acknowledged and tested according to their unique skills and aptitudes, which takes them further into the process. Once this is completed, you then have the option to set up telephone or in-person interviews, which further personalizes the career experience. The WMS also has the ability to manage new hire paperwork and orientation processes.

    Once hired, the WMS enables you to personally track the progress of each candidate, from scheduling their performance reviews to monitoring the training that takes place during the course of their assignment. Employees who rate well can be moved into higher levels of responsibility, paving the way for business growth and more opportunities for achievement. Throughout all phases of human resources management, the WMS ensures that all employees experience a personal touch and get the most out of their careers.

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