• Whether you need seasonal workers or have a long-term project that requires skilled personnel, at some point, you may be asked to recruit, hire and onboard a large number of staff at one time. This can be a daunting task, even for the most efficient of human resources departments. Needless to say, a volume hiring campaign can be very stressful to deal with, particularly if it involves having to find a suitable number of skilled candidates to fulfill a project goal.

    The good news is that it is possible to handle the demands of a high volume staffing need, by using a smart hiring strategy. This can be accomplished with a few simple tips, found here.

    Tip 1 – Assess Current Personnel

    Before you consider a large-scale staffing campaign, take the time to do internal skills assessments of current staff to identify any employees who may be suitable for some of the open assignments. Then get these folks tested using your WFM system, trained and ready to start new projects, while you replace them with entry level candidates who are easier to find.

    Tip 2 – Recruit the Right People

    To best fulfill your bulk staffing needs, you need to do two things: find and hire the right people. This can help you to reduce hiring and turnover costs from not choosing the right employees to do the job in the first place. Use a computer-aided candidate application and testing system to weed out those who do not meet your skill and educational requirements.

    Tip 3 – Screen all Candidates

    In addition to using an enterprise workforce system to locate and recruit the best candidates, in a large-volume staffing situation you will want to carefully screen all candidates for other factors. These may include criminal histories, poor work references, frequent injury claims, and more. All of these things can stack up if they are not eliminated from the beginning.

    Tip 4 – Use a Workforce Management Solution

    Even if you have a very capable staff of recruiters and HR pros, a large volume of employees at once can become a major challenge in very short order. Instead of trying to keep track of all that paperwork, why not go with a proven workforce management system that automates the information you need for each candidate in one secure location?

    Tip 5 – Evaluate Employee Training

    As you bring your new hires on board, you need a system for getting them up to speed fast, to maximize your efforts and cut project costs. Your workforce management product can help in this area too. Regularly evaluate the progression of new staff to their job assignments, and add testing and performance reviews to the mix.

    If you need more information and support with managing large numbers of hires for temporary or long-term assignments, be sure to talk with the WFM professionals at Avontis today.

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