• If you are part of a busy business, then you know how important it can be to have the staffing services you need on-call when you are ready to accept the next challenge. There are many benefits of contracting with a managed service provider, or MSP. A very big benefit is the ability to pare down a large HR department into a smaller one that is partnered with a contingent staffing service.

    Whether there are occasional personnel needs, or ongoing staffing and related services needed, this type of arrangement can significantly cut down on costs.

    Here are some ways that an MSP can help your company’s bottom line:

    Staff Planning is one of the most challenging things to accomplish in a growing company. Instead of staying on track, many companies barely keep up with the demands of new projects and technology changes that require skilled employees to do the job well. With a quality MSP in place, your company can have an adaptable staffing strategy in place that is managed at all times, saving you costly mistakes and precious time.

    Smart Recruiting is at the heart of every successful company, but without adequate resources, this can become a daunting task. A managed service provider like Avontis can develop a staffing strategy that works well for your business staffing needs. From recruiting and onboarding to staff development, the MSP you choose can become a valuable partner that helps you maintain reasonable staffing costs.

    HR Reporting is a great way that an MSP can help you reduce your staffing costs. Check to see how productive your workforce is, how much employee retention you have, and even payroll expenses – all with the click of a mouse. Your managed service provider can give you the information you need to make better staffing decisions as you move forward into new areas of your industry.

    Workforce Performance is what all the best staffing strategies need to include. Without a measurable way to see how your staffing compares to productivity, you may not increase revenues with more staff. Use your MSP to measure workforce performance metrics, and learn more about maintaining costs so you get the biggest ROI for your staffing dollars.

    For more information about using a managed service provider to handle your staffing needs, and to reduce costs for personnel services, get in touch with Avontis.

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