• If you are in the process of ramping up your staffing numbers this year, or if you have ongoing recruiting and candidate screening needs due to high turnover rates, a Vendor on Premises (VOP) large scale staffing solution may be the answer. VOP services bring the staffing agency to your doors, with on-site candidate recruiting and screening services to help you find the best employees for upcoming projects. This in-house approach allows you focus on other aspects of your company, like developing the employees you currently have and working with executives to bring in more business.

    Whether your needs are temporary or long-term, a VOP partner can provide your organization with the skilled workers your company needs to stay ahead of the curve. Imagine all the benefits your business can enjoy, just by having a skilled team of recruiters and staffing professionals on-site to conduct resume searches, interviews, personality and skills tests, employment background checks, criminal record checks, safety reviews, employment law compliance audits, cost controls, and more. This can help match the right candidates to the right assignments; giving your company more productivity and growth ability.

    Here are just a few of the benefits of VOP for large scale staffing campaigns.

    Access to a Larger Pool of Candidates – When it comes to staffing, you know that hiring large amounts of employees for short-term and long-term projects can quickly become a very stressful process. This is due to a lack of quality candidates who have the skills to do the job right, or whom need minimal training to get productive. A VOP staffing agent can easily provide access to a larger pool of qualified candidates who are pre-screened, tested for suitability for each assignment, and ready to get to work now.

    Lower Turnover Rates & Higher Retention Rates – When the best candidates are placed on assignment by your VOP agent, you can be sure that your turnover numbers will start to improve as more employees stay on the job. The main goal of a VOP is to make sure your organization gets the best possible candidates who are individually matched to jobs based on their unique personality types, previous work experience, and aptitude. This helps keep staffing costs low.

    Improvement of Company Personnel Policies – One of the biggest challenges of large scale staffing is educating new employees about company policies and procedures during the onboarding process. Oftentimes, new employees may miss information needed to process HR and payroll paperwork on time, or to get enrolled in benefits or training programs offered. With a VOP, recruiting agents ensure that each employee is fully processed and provided with this information.

    On-Demand HR Management and Support – Ever wish you had easy access to the HR information needed to run your department better? With a VOP agent on site, you will enjoy the ability to receive ongoing support from a trained professional who can help you navigate employment and recruiting laws, staffing management, safety and training issues, and more.

    Tracking Staffing Performance and Costs – Large scale staffing also poses the biggest challenge when it comes to controlling staffing costs. To hire good people means making a significant investment, therefore a VOP can provide the best methods of keeping costs low, with reporting and tracking systems to stay on top of this aspect before it gets out of hand.

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