• High-volume staffing poses many challenges for an organization, whether in a rapid-growth stage or as part of a one-time large project need. Typically, a company that requires large scale staffing is in an industry where there is high turnover or lack of enough suitable candidates. Very often, companies experiencing this have to compromise on the kinds of candidates they hire in order to have enough “warm bodies” to make deadlines on projects.

    High-volume staffing managers face some major challenges, including:

    • Lack of candidates who have the skills and education to do the assignments well.
    • Poor resources for finding suitable candidates within the geographic area.
    • Inability to track costs and activities associated with recruiting and onboarding.
    • No time to properly orient every single employee to the company environment.
    • Failure to comply with HR recruiting and employment laws in hiring practices.
    • High turnover rates that force constant recruitment and poor candidate choices.
    • Payroll and benefit issues that cost the company time and money to correct.
    • Bad impression on new hires who become “lost” during the first few days on the job.
    • No training, safety or development programs to get the most out of employees.

    It’s clear that onboarding large numbers of employees can be a very costly and stressful venture if not managed well. This is true even for the most seasoned HR departments. That’s why a Vendor on Premises (VOP) solution from Avontis can be the best option.

    When a VOP service is in place, many of the time-consuming and costly activities involved in high volume staffing are taken off the shoulders of HR execs, and put into the capable hands of the VOP agents. In fact, many of the above problems are quickly eliminated. A VOP is able to come in, evaluate your staffing needs, and take responsibility for many of the issues you may be facing as you build your work teams.

    VOP’s can provide on-demand recruitment and employee management support, depending on your high-volume staffing needs. For large-scale recruiting initiatives, the VOP recruiters immediately go to work providing your company with pre-screened candidates from a large database of candidates already validated for work skills and experience levels. That means you can bring people on board quickly and efficiently, while maintaining legal hiring standards.

    For more information about hiring Avontis for VOP large scale hiring services, contact us today.

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