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    Posted on September 26th, 2012

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    If your business is growing this year, then you already know that selecting, hiring and retaining the right people is the key to success. Yet, so many organizations fall short in this area. It seems that the art of interviewing has morphed into uncomfortable group interviews in stuffy conference rooms, instead of the insightful meetings that they are meant to be.

    In order to rise to the top of your industry, you need support from quality candidates who are not only being interviewed—they are interviewing your company too. Therefore, your interviewing process should be revamped to make the most of this time. This week, we’d like to provide you with some expert tips on proper interviewing and hiring; excerpts from our complimentary eBook “Hire the Best: A Five Step Process for Hiring Success”.

    Guidelines for Effective Interviewing and Hiring

    Step 1 – Prepare
    Understand the critical requirements of each job assignment, and be sure to convey this in the interview. Evaluate your candidate based on these requirements, not on personal preference or instinct.

    Step 2 – Purpose
    Help top-achieving candidates see a place in your company’s future success. Give the candidate a chance to understand where he or she may fit in your corporate culture and career development opportunities.

    Step 3 – Performance
    Make sure you clearly outline the goals of the assignment as they relate to the skills of the candidate. How well has the candidate shown the ability to manage responsibility or achieve greatness in previous roles?

    Step 4 – People Skills
    Interpersonal communication skills are absolutely vital in today’s business world. Be sure your candidate is able to articulate thoughts well verbally as well as in written format.

    Step 5 – Process
    Use a structured approach that is consistent for all interviews. This may include specific types of interviewing styles, prescreening tests, and order of the interview.

    If you are ready to start tackling the challenges of interviewing potential employees, there’s no time like the present to improve your interviewing skills to make this a more favorable experience. You’ll have the tools you need when you read the FREE copy of our new eBook “Hire the Best: A Five Step Process for Hiring Success” – which you can use as a guide to interviewing and hiring the best!

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