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    Posted on October 2nd, 2012

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    Maintaining the correct numbers of staff and the right skill sets can be a challenge for even the most well-managed human resource team, especially when workloads fluctuate throughout the year. Organizations generally try to prevent the need to lay off employees during slow periods, while trying to have enough workers to staff large projects. This takes careful planning and HR management.

    Perhaps one of the best ways to control staffing for the ups and downs in business is to work with a staffing agency to provide temporary employees. By using a staffing agency, any organization can have access to the services of skilled workers on demand. Here are additional benefits of using a temporary workforce.

    Reduced Recruiting Time and Costs

    Need staff members fast? Using a temporary service can save you time and money in many ways. First, you don’t have to spend weeks combing through career sites looking for the right candidates, nor do you have to pay for employment advertisements. Instead, by working with a staffing agency, you can be matched with quality candidates who will fit into your organization and produce good work, in a lot less time.

    Pre-Screened Candidates

    It’s one thing to find candidates who seem to be a good fit for your organization, but it’s another to make sure they have clean backgrounds. Candidates can often falsify their information, such as references and education, so it’s always a good idea to background screen any potential hires. Yet, this can also be costly and time consuming. Instead, use pre-screened temporary workers who have already been checked.

    Additional Training Options

    Ever have the task of orienting and training each new hire, and wonder if there is a better way? The temporary staffing agency you choose can help prepare your workforce with pre-placement introductory training, with follow-up training on-site. This can free you up to focus on other areas of your business.

    Replacement Assurance

    Once in a while, a new hire goes terribly wrong for a variety of reasons. To avoid the pitfalls of having to let someone go and facing possible financial repercussions, like unemployment fees or a workers’ compensation claim, a staffing agency can provide you with replacement staff for no additional costs.

    Support with Payroll and Benefits

    One of the challenges of running a busy company is keeping up with payroll and benefits administration for all employees. This task can require the services of a full-time professional to manage, unless you have the support of a staffing agency. Instead of doing all the payroll and paying for benefits, let the temporary staffing agency take care of these details.

    It’s evident that a quality staffing agency can provide so much more than just great employees. By working with a staffing company like The Avontis Group, your organization can flourish.

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