• If your company has been utilizing the services of a staffing firm for a while, you may already have forged a strong business relationship with the recruiters there. However, even the best relationships have a tendency to go stale after a while if they are not producing the results they once did. This can happen for any number of reasons, which can include:

    • Poor communication between you and your recruiters about job skill needs.
    • Lack of follow-up on progress of the temporary workers on your assignments.
    • Disinterest in your business growth or lack of staff planning meetings.
    • Problems with recent assignments, with frequent dismissals of temps.
    • Billing discrepancies or conflicts with your logged work hours vs. the temp agency.

    For these, and many other reasons, sometimes the relationship between your company and the staffing firm must be re-evaluated to see if it’s a healthy one that should continue, or if it’s time to move on to another staffing agency. Here are some ways to measure the success of your staffing agency and if your relationship is worth continuing.

    #1 – How many new hires have stayed for their full assignment?

    The sign of a good match in a temp worker is the ability to commit to the terms of the assignment under contract. While this may be short term or for long periods of time, if you have noticed problems with temps leaving too soon, this can be a sign that the temp firm is not doing their job effectively.

    #2 – How much less time do you spend managing your hiring efforts?

    One of the goals of working with a staffing firm is to reduce the amount of time you spend managing day-to-day recruiting and employment duties. Perhaps lately you have been spending more time trying to find the right employees or deal with hiring or payroll issues because your staffing agency has dropped the ball?

    #3 – Have you learned about payroll and benefit support?

    A good staffing firm will share up-front all the added services it can offer you, such as payroll and benefits management. If you are merely correcting payroll issues or dealing with benefits for the temps, then they are not truly supporting all your efforts to grow your business.

    #4 – What is the average length of time that it takes the staffing firm to find you suitable workers?

    Do you place a call to the staffing agency and then find it takes far too long to get a suitable staffer sent to your company? This can be a sign that the staffing agency is not able to keep a ready supply of the kinds of candidates you need to stay ahead of the curve.  You also should not have to wait days for a return call from a recruiter.

    #5 – Does your staffing agency understand your industry well?

    Working with a staffing agency is one thing, finding one that knows your industry well and can provide you with the top talent you need is another. If you find it becoming difficult to explain what you need and why you need it, this may be a time to explore other staffing agencies that are more familiar with your specific industry.

    #6 – Is your company more productive as a result of partnering with the staffing firm? 

    This is what a staffing agency is supposed to help you achieve, yet far too many just send warm bodies to you hoping it will be enough. Consider where you were before partnering with the staffing agency you are dealing with now and why a switch to Avontis Group may be a wiser idea to help your company become more productive this year.

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