• Staying on top of staffing can be a major challenge for the rapidly growing business or one that typically experiences high turnover rates. In many industries, it is critical to be able to have a steady supply of the best talent so that the business can continue to expand and innovate. If this is the case for your organization, you may be considering a volume on premise (VOP) model of handling your staffing demands.

    There are several ways to determine if a VOP system will work best for your company. Here are some factors to keep in mind as you make your decision.

    Do you need the following?

    Total workforce management – From sourcing and background screening to hiring and firing, your  organization may need a wide range of on-site workforce management services.  If you find that you need this on a continual basis, then a VOP model may work well for your business.

    Project staffing resources – If your organization experiences highs and lows due to incoming and completed projects, it can be hard to balance the staffing numbers year-round. This can lead to lay-offs during slow periods followed by staffing shortages as things pick up. A VOP can provide a steady supply of skilled staff to handle the job.

    Training and employee development – Facing challenges with making sure that all employees have the right ongoing training and certification for the industry, as well as opportunities to advance can be a sign that a VOP is in your future. On-site recruiters and trainers make sure your business can innovate with the best staffers, who receive training and career growth incentives.

    Payroll and benefit support – This can be an area that becomes hard to manage when there is a need for large volumes of employees. Instead of worrying about processing payroll and trying to keep up with the costs of health benefits, instead a VOP can handle this for you.

    While a VOP model is not right for every business, it is particularly well adapted to businesses in high growth industries. Find out how Avontis Group can give your organization a boost with VOP services.

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