• What does the future look like for procurement in the U.S. for 2013? Experts think that this area of business will exceed previous goals as indicated by current strength. Technology and all the advances it has brought to supply chain management vendors have created a way to do more with less.

    As the nation rolls into a period of slow recovery, procurement is predicted to be a leading force in business growth and sustainability. During the toughest years of the recession, supply chain management has been a sole focus of many industries, particularly because of the need for cheaper materials and fast turnaround from production to market.

    Here is a closer look at what’s next for procurement:

    Outsourcing continues to increase. Despite the efforts of the current administration to slow down expansion into other countries, outsourcing of procurement functions is still the norm. This will continue into 2013 as businesses in high demand markets try to maximize revenues and cut back on staffing and inventories.

    Cloud based data services will replace older standalone supply chain management systems. Instead of using a product to serve one purpose, savvy companies are switching to web-accessible procurement applications to handle a variety of tasks. This helps to maintain more accurate records and aids in the development of reports for tracking financial data.

    Procurement professionals will take on higher levels of responsibility as compliance officers for their organizations. This is happening due to the increase in central procurement databases that affect other areas of the process. It makes sense then that the procurement lead will oversee corporate compliance too.

    Temporary staffing will continue to be a leading way of providing the manpower needed to perform specific tasks and manage short and long term projects. Instead of absorbing the costs of hiring and firing, companies are using temporary services to maintain their staffing roles during peak production times.

    Find out how Avontis Group can support your procurement needs going into 2013. With pre-screened candidates ready to take on short term and long term contracts, Avontis has the resources to keep your supply chain management costs in control.

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