• When a business needs quality staff to get the job done, most often a call to a staffing agency, like Avontis Group, takes place. This is for a variety of reasons and benefits that only a temporary staffing service can provide.

    Instead of worrying about the time and expense of advertising, interviewing, screening, and processing new hires, many businesses are discovering the unique benefits that a quality staffing agency can provide. Here are just a few to consider.

    1. Increased Productivity – The most obvious reason why a company would want to use a contingent workforce is that it provides more human capital to boost productivity levels. Instead of overworked, burnt out employees taking on more than they should, you can have access to fresh contract employees who are ambitious and eager to do a great job.
    2. More Skilled Workers – Tap into a wider range of skill sets when you use a temporary staffing agency. This can help give your business an edge over your competition because you will have the best of the best working for you. In many cases, staffing agencies can effectively source and recruit the kinds of talent your business needs. After all, they are the hiring experts.
    3. Try Before You Buy – Partnering with a staffing agency can help you try new staff out before committing long term. Contracts can be short term for specific projects, or you can have access to staff that can be replaced within a day or two if you are unhappy with their work.
    4. Flexible and On-demand – A business can also benefit from having access to a flexible staffing option that’s available on demand. Candidates are matched to the right assignments, pre-screened and ready to go to work for you when you need the support. During peak seasons, this counts for a lot, and then when business is slow,  they can scale back..
    5. More Cost Effective – Above all else, the main benefit of using a staffing agency is to curb personnel costs. From recruiting and screening candidates, to making sure they have the right skills, your business can prosper using this model. Additionally, there is zero risk of unemployment claims that come from releasing employees.


    Avontis Group can support your business in many beneficial ways. We encourage you to take the time to evaluate how Avontis Group managed staffing solutions can help your business to thrive in uncertain times.

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