• One great way to ensure all employees are staying up to par on their production levels is to implement a quota system. This technique will help to stimulate production, especially if it has become stagnant. Each department and/or task can have a set quota that must be met daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The department managers should be instructed to keep a close watch on his or her staff and their numbers. In addition, quotas do not have to be a thing to be feared. In fact, they can be used to spur productivity by offering incentives, such as trips, cash, gift cards, days off, and much more.

    Meeting the Quota

    By increasing the output from the staff without raising the input or resources from the company dramatically, will create high productivity and more company revenue. Therefore, your Department Managers should introduce the policy of meeting established quotas. This is because having a quota policy will not increase the overhead of the business like other options will, such as hiring extra staff and/or higher wages.

    Not Meeting the Quota

    Although a quota system can have fun or monetary rewards for the employees, there should also be an established set of consequences for failing to meet quotas as well. There are some employees who are just motivated by rewards, but are if their pay or employment is on the line. A great example is:

    • Missing task quota – 1st offence:      Written warning
    • Missing task quota – 2nd offence       1st Write-Up
    • Missing task quota – 3rd offence       2nd Write-Up
    • Missing task quota – 4th offence       3rd Write-Up
    • Missing task quota – 5th offence       Termination Notice

    Having a balanced quota system will ensure all employees are staying motivated, by either wanting to keep their job or by the reward. In either case, the your Department Managers will be able to report higher production numbers back to the Operations Managers.

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