• As a general rule of thumb, keeping staff motivated and employee morale high directly correlates with productivity levels at work. It is a known phenomenon that employees who have stimulating work environments, challenging assignments, and an overall feeling of daily accomplishment have a much better chance of being successful and productive. Maintaining high levels of employee morale and giving incentives on a performance-based system are the best ways to increase work place productivity.

    Research conducted by economist Andrew Oswald at Warwick University in the UK has revealed that people who are happier at work tend to be more productive. In the study, students at the college were shown a series of films – some of comedians and other of dull sad topics, with a set of mathematical exercises conducted before and just after watching the films. In each case, the subjects who watched the funny films demonstrated higher ability following their bouts of laughter, while those who became sad were not able to perform as well afterwards. This study concluded that people who are happier perform better on routine work tasks.

    There are 7 simple ways to keep your staff motivated and employee morale lifted:

    1. Express Thanks – Perhaps one of the most overlooked things that supervisors can do to increase employee morale is to say “thanks” for a job well done. Workers spend a great deal of time on the job and they need to hear positive feedback as often as possible. Make it a priority to say thank you to the people who work hard for you each day.
    2. Be Accessible – A major pet peeve with many employees is that they don’t feel valued by the company because their boss is inaccessible for regular communication. To remedy this, create a new pathway to an open-door policy for all employees who need to discuss things either through regular staff meetings or via private one-on-one office meetings.
    3. Printed Certificates – One fun way to improve employee morale is to start recognizing individuals for their unique talents and contribution to the company. This can be easily accomplished by using a certificate printing service to create customized certificates of achievement to be presented to employees with a small token of appreciation. Be sure to recognize special events too, such as birthdays and promotions. 
    4. Gift Cards – Another easy way to give employee morale a boost and provide an incentive to deserving employees is the use of a gift card program. Purchase gift cards in bulk from local retailers, restaurants and entertainment centers to be handed out to employees for special achievements.
    5. Free Meals – Everyone enjoys being treated to a meal. Once a month, purchase lunch for one department in the workplace, and make sure everyone takes advantage. Or bring donuts to the office on Mondays. You’ll be amazed at how much happier and productive employees become after this gesture!
    6. Onsite Services – Want to have happier and healthier employees? Try adding an on-site wellness service such as a corporate fitness center, massage service or employee weight loss or smoking cessation program to the mix. Employees can blow off some steam, get fit and enjoy the company of other like-minded employees by taking advantage of these benefits.
    7. Team Building – There is a reason why employees who work in teams often find more satisfaction and success on the job. Plan some team building exercises such as outdoor sporting events, team contests, and games to liven things up in the office.

    Need more ideas for inspiring and encouraging your employees? Contact the employment experts at Avontis Group today.

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