• Recruiting, screening and onboarding the right candidates for the job can be overwhelming and complicated. How can you ensure that candidates are the right fit and that your application and onboarding process is at streamlined as possible?

    Build the pipeline

    Encouraging employees to refer candidates throughout the year helps to build a base on which to recruit from. Set up a referral system and keep those referrals on file even if you aren’t hiring at the moment. Another great way to prepare is to identify your top recruiting mechanisms – career websites, job fairs, referrals, niche sites, professional recruiters, and find ways of interacting with each of them. Determine which of these provide you with the best candidates and tap into them when you have hiring to do.


    When it comes to recruiting candidates, keeping things simple is best. If your website is overly complex or performs poorly, you may miss out on the best candidates. If your hiring process takes several months, candidates often move on when they haven’t heard back from a company for an extended period of time. If your company is facing these challenges, try to simplify as much as possible! Fix the application process, streamline HR and respond to the top candidates so that they know you are interested.

    Work with a staffing agency and a recruiter

    When you are looking for the perfect candidate, why not let someone else do the hard work of prescreening and processing applicants? Having a staffing agency and a professional recruiter on your side can save you so much time and help you find the right candidates for your industry. A recruiter can help you through the entire hiring process – making finding the best candidate simple and easy.

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